7 important details of resume

Yes! You scroll job board and see THIS offer.
It seems to be created just for you… Brilliant, so now you just need to send your resumeā€¦

No matter if you use one of many online CV generators or choose to design and create your own, there is number of things that may make recruiter truly like it. We decided to skip obvious ones like providing true and proper names and tasks of your previous roles, sorting your experience and education by date in reverse order or providing your contact data (yes, we’ve seen also resumes with no phone or email address provided…).

Instead, we will point out 7 things that frequently get omitted in heat of putting together dates and facts and choosing right photo or layout but in our practice we see them make huge difference in seeing resume as interesting and professional.

Provide less personal data

Yes, you need to present all of you but… recruiter doesn’t really need to know your birth date, full address or names of kids (yes, it’s real case from our practice). Recruiter should receive only information necessary to conduct recruitment, so your phone number, email address and general location (e.g. city) is enough.

Provide your complete story

Well, if you spent a year enjoying the life and travelling just put it in and add what you’ve learnt. Remember that missing periods are naturally big question mark for recruiter.

Choose me because...

Think for a moment about job of the recruiter – the key task is to hire someone with proper skills and personality. Why not to help to discover these in you?
When putting together content of your resume try and focus on things that may be relevant for the job even if they relate to other areas. E.g. if you apply for administration assistant you may mention this fantastic trip with your friends across all Europe that you’ve fully organized but two pages of your comics publications may be too much. If you change your industry
completely, focus on your interests e.g. being a surgeon you’ve fell in love with flowers and made numerous fantastic bouquets (pics may be nice) before you made a decision to make it your actual job.

Oh my... tpyos... check tiwce...

You look at this headline and probably think it’s funny but unreadable and unprofessional at the same time. Even if you think something else, your attention is already shifted from actual content to stupid typos we’ve made.
Obviously you want recruiter to pay full attention to content of your resume, so it’s definitely worth to read it couple times, ask someone to review it with a fresh eye and also use spelling check software built in most text editors.

Text formatting

Even if you apply to hyper creative job role it’s worth to keep your resume tidy and structured around most important information. Using too many colors, making text bold, italic and underlined in many places creates high level of chaos for the reader.
Try to use limited number of fonts (2-3 should be enough) and choose maximum two methods to emphasize – it’s absolutely fine to use just bold font for key data. Be also careful with indents, ideally all should be in one line across all resume.

File format

You surely want recruiter to view the resume as you planned it to look like.
Unfortunately it may happen that your brilliant design created in one software will look very much different on another device, software or operating system. Best you can do is to use “Print to PDF” option and create PDF file that will look the same regardless of device and software. Thanks to this your resume always looks like you wanted it to and no data is lost in
conversion between formats.

File naming convention

Imagine receiving 50 documents every day, all named “CV”.
Yes, it’s recruiters’ life reality and although some of them enjoy systems that allow to manage it, some still need to work with
mailbox and share drives making it really hard to find particular resume. You may make everyone’s life easier by using file name that is meaningful and informative – just use your name and surname as a file name to make sure your CV will be found in seconds when needed.

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